1. Preamble

The following general terms and conditions govern all transactions made on the 99 RENT CAR web catalog. Placing an order on this site implies the client's unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.

2. Purpose

This contract is a distance contract that aims to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the sale of products by 99 RENT CAR company on the Internet.



Accepted payment methods

For your convenience, we recommend paying for your rental with a credit card.

Payment for the estimated rental amount will be required upon vehicle pickup.

In case of applying a promotional rate, failure to comply with the planned rental period at vehicle pickup will result in charging the current public rate according to the period.

A security deposit via credit card (CB, VISA, EUROCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) will be requested upon vehicle pickup. It must be under your name and surname. Debit cards such as Visa debit, electron, and maestro are not accepted for security deposits.

The amount of the security deposit is equal to that of non-deductible franchise (See FRANCHISES & OPTIONAL GUARANTEES section).

For rental purposes, 99 RENT CAR company as Lessor will request a pre-authorization from customer's bank chosen by them for an amount equivalent to necessary guarantee during reserved vehicle rental period.

If customer's bank refuses this pre-authorization request, reservation for vehicle rental will be cancelled and customer will be refunded prepaid reservation amount minus cancellation / no-show fees (See MODIFICATION – CANCELLATION – NO-SHOW section).

Age and Driving License

Upon vehicle pickup, you must present a valid national driver's license. The license must be Moroccan or European or international. The license must have at least one year of validity according to the rented vehicle group (details below).

The minimum age for rental depends on the rented vehicle group.


"Territory" refers to the country where the rented vehicle is authorized to be driven, namely MOROCCO.


Our rates include :

  • Oil, maintenance, and onboard documents;
  • Vehicle availability;
  • Unlimited third-party liability insurance and accidents caused to third parties;
  • Limited or unlimited mileage.

Our rates do not include :

  • Non-deductible franchise or franchise in case of theft of the vehicle (see insurance and optional protection section);
  • Fuel: vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level as at pickup. Otherwise, missing fuel will be charged at public price in addition to refueling fees up to 240 MAD VAT included;
  • Costs for delivery of duplicate keys (in case of damage, loss, or theft): 240 MAD VAT included.

Rates applicable to rental, additional services, optional guarantees or insurances are those in effect at contract signing and correspond to your specified conditions (duration, return station...). Any modification of these conditions will result in application of a different rate corresponding to new conditions. The vehicle is provided with a minimum fuel level equivalent to 3/8 tank. You must return it in the same condition. Failure results in charging you for missing liters.

A file fee amounting 500 MAD VAT included will be retained by Lessor from security deposit for processing fines that would be imposed on Renter during their rental period.


Vehicle Condition

A descriptive condition of the vehicle is attached to your contract. You are required to document in writing any apparent defects that are not listed on the report before you depart from the rental station. Failure to do so will be deemed as acceptance of a vehicle in accordance with the described condition. Unfortunately, we cannot consider claims regarding apparent damages that were not reported at the time of departure. You must return the vehicle in the same condition as it was received. Any costs incurred for repairs due to negligence on your part or in the absence of fault by a third party identified will be added to the rental cost, subject to provisions under "optional contractual guarantees".

Vehicle usage

You should never drive the vehicle outside of this Territory.

In accordance with principles of personal liability, you are responsible for any offenses committed during the rental period. Therefore, please note that your information may be disclosed to law enforcement authorities upon request.

You agree to use and operate the vehicle responsibly and without being under any influence of alcohol, narcotics, or substances that may affect driving ability according to traffic laws and regulations. The intended use for private vehicles is primarily transportation of individuals free-of-charge and for commercial vehicles it is primarily transportation of goods.

If there are specific usage conditions related to rented vehicles under special regulations, you are responsible for complying with those regulations throughout the duration of this agreement. Furthermore, any violations against such regulations require indemnification by you towards us for any resulting damages suffered by us. Please pay particular attention to dimensions specifications provided inside utility vehicles (including height specifications mentioned on "vehicle condition" sheet) which require extra caution during certain maneuvers (such as reversing) and can render navigation through certain road structures (e.g., tunnels, bridges) impossible if they exceed maximum permissible heights regulated beforehand.

WARNING : In case misjudgment occurs concerning dimensions/specifications requirements related to rented vehicles causing damage above chassis level or underneath carriage level; such damages are not covered by the damage waiver unless proven to be a result of force majeure. You must not use the rented vehicle for :

  • 1. Subletting purposes;
  • 2. Transportation of individuals for hire;
  • 3. Carrying more passengers than specified on the vehicle registration document (carte grise);
  • 4. Participating in rallies, competitions, or trials regardless of location and conditions;
  • 5. Providing driving lessons;
  • 6. Pushing or towing another vehicle (except vehicles equipped with a tow hook - maximum load capacity of 1000 kg);
  • 7. Driving on non-carriage roads or surfaces presenting risks to tires or undercarriage components' integrity due to poor maintenance;
  • 8. Committing intentional violations against traffic laws and regulations;
  • 9. Goods and luggage carried inside the vehicle, including packaging and securing methods, should neither damage the vehicle nor pose abnormal risks to occupants.
    When parking the vehicle, even for short stops, you must lock it securely and activate any alarm systems and/or anti-theft devices provided with the vehicle keys at all times. Never leave an unattended car with keys left in ignition as failure to return keys will result in forfeiture of theft coverage;
  • 10. In case of damage or theft, you must inform us within 2 days by submitting an accident report form (constat amiable d'accident) or official declaration receipt issued by authorities along with keys and relevant documents.

WARNING : This article states minimum obligations that must be observed during your custody period over the rental vehicle.

Maintenance / Mechanical Issues

During your rental period depending on mileage driven, you are required to perform routine checks (engine oil level, water level, tire pressure etc.) as per normal usage practices ("bon père de famille"). As such, please remain attentive towards any warning signals displayed on dashboard panels if applicable; take necessary precautionary measures including emergency stop when necessary.

The rented vehicles come equipped with tires complying with road regulations in terms of number and condition. In case any tire is damaged due to reasons other than normal wear, hidden defects, or force majeure; you are obligated to immediately replace it at your own expense with a tire of the same dimensions, type, brand, and equal level of wear. In case of mechanical breakdown or accidents during rental period, you benefit from our roadside assistance service included in the rental price. The conditions for this assistance can be found in the brochure "Insurance Conditions, Assistance and Useful Tips" available at all agencies.

If the odometer fails due to causes other than technical malfunctioning, the renter will be liable for payment based on a mileage indemnity calculated at a rate of 100 kilometers per day of rental. Any modification or mechanical intervention on the vehicle is prohibited without prior authorization from us.


Concept and Calculation

The renter agrees to return the vehicle to us on the specified date as stated in the rental contract failure to do so may result in civil and criminal legal action against you. The duration of your rental is calculated per 24-hour periods that cannot be divided further starting from when we make the vehicle available for pick-up.

Delay in Vehicle Pick-Up

Your reservation will be held up until two hours after your scheduled pick-up time unless you have contacted our central reservation office to change your arrival time. After this two-hour window has passed, we reserve right to provide vehicles made available for other customers instead. If you arrive after this two-hour window we will do our best efforts to provide a vehicle but availability cannot be guaranteed.


In case where returned vehicles are missing their keys upon return they will be charged separately along with any repatriation and immobilization fees if applicable.

We cannot take responsibility for any belongings left behind inside vehicles after completion of rentals.


In cases where confiscation or sealing of the vehicle occurs, the rental contract may be terminated automatically as soon as we are informed by judicial authorities or the renter.

Any use of the vehicle that causes harm to us authorizes us to terminate the contract immediately. In case of theft, the rental contract is terminated once you provide us with a copy of your official complaint filed with competent authorities.